Peru photo book

In September 1998 I made a trip to Peru. On this 30 day holiday I took many pictures, and this photo book contains a selection of the most interesting photographs.

There are several ways to explore the photo book:

By topic - Pick a topic from the topic index.
By day - Choose a day from the day by day index.
Random - Show a random picture.

Most pictures contain links to related topics or days, so you can wander through the collection ad lib. Note that not all pictures are assigned to topics, and not all pictures are assigned to the daily pages, to keep the number of pictures per page reasonable. Every picture is at least assigned to one topic or one day.

Use the Inca wall navigation bar at the bottom to switch to the next topic, day or picture, or to display an index again.

Initially all pages contain thumbnail pictures. Click on a thumbnail to show that picture enlarged.

This photo book needs a browser that is capable of frames and Javascript.

The trip was organized by Baobab travels.