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June 8, 2002 - source code released
I regret that I haven't got the time to continue development of the AWeb browser. Bringing the browser up to date to today's standards (like support for CSS) would take more time than can be justified by the remaining Amiga market.

I like to express my thanks to the Amiga community for using my browser. In return I will release the source code of AWeb, so others in the Amiga community have a chance to continue development.

All source code is released under the AWeb Public License. In short, the APL means that you are allowed to modify these sources and/or use them in your own products, provided that these products will also be distributed subject to the APL. It also means that you must make the sources of your product available to the public.
Read the full APL text for more details.

The following source code archives are available:

I regret that in general I can not give any support to developers.